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Jan 17, 2013 4:00am PST
planning to launch a daily tv talk show, released an ad critical of the president. the nra also issued this statement: in the marketplace, gun manufacturers report sales are up and may not be hurt by the president's plan to ban assult weapons and high-capacity clips. "they make such a small contribution to the company's bottom line that what impact it'll have is yet to be seen." in st. louis, a part-time student at the stevens institute of business shot the school's financial aid director in the chest wednesday, then turned the gun on himself. the wounded men were rushed to the hospital. the shooter, identified as 34-year-old sean johnson, reportedly has a history of mental illness. the victim, identified as greg elsenrath, is expected to recover. american airlines is upward- bound, according to the ceo. the airline just reported turning a profit in the 4th quarter, which was due in part to cost cutting. amr is said to be closer to wrapping up its bankrutpcy restructing. and, the airline plans to unveil a new look at its fleet this month. the ceo declined comment on a potential merger
Jan 31, 2013 4:00am PST
back with a gain. as lawmakers consider gun laws, the nra reports membership is up a half million people, and the campaign to prevent gun violence reports recently raising $5 million. and time magazine plans to get lean. the company is cutting 500 jobs worldwide, to become more nimble. ben lichtenstein of joins us for a closer look at the market today. ben, how rattled are traders behind the scenes over the latest gdp number? > > for the most part not really. initial reaction to the number was extremely limited this morning. again, slightly lower, not much of a concern. one thing traders were talking about is the second lower number: are we in a recession? > what about the fed fallout? the fed is standing pat but continuing on with stimulus. > > now there was a little bit more fallout from the fed activity. we saw high-energy sell-side activity late in the afternoon session. it took a little while to come off, but again, for the most part, it was mostly led by the russell. the nasdaq was kind of lagging. the dow was joining in, and the s&p's definitely came to the
Jan 16, 2013 4:00am PST
response to the horrific sandy hook school shooting, vice president joe biden has met with the nra, healthcare professionals, gun control groups and a rep from walmart, the nation's largest gun seller. the president will lay out the measures created from those meetings. likely on the list: a push for an assault weapons ban and better background checks. the president speaks at 11:45 eastern. children who wrote letters expressing concerns about gun violence in schools will join him. a new york city school bus driver strike starts today, affecting 152,000 students. more than 8,000 drivers and support workers are walking off the job to protest a lack of job protections. new york city mayor michael bloomberg has proposed a competetive bid process for school bus contracts in order to save money. the union is upset it may impact current drivers. this strike is the first such job action by unionized new york school bus drivers in more than three decades. massive job cuts are happening around the globe. the world's largest platinum producer, located in south africa, is closing 4 mine shafts
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3